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Lookbook FS21



Back to the Future


It stopped like a car crash. Hitting a brick wall, everything hurts.
Stunned by the shock of the real, we can’t imagine how to move on. With crumpled toes and heels, our collection has literally crashed. In a world where we can’t see what’s coming, we wear shoes as protective padding.
The comedian Karl Valentin, writing 100 years ago, in the wake of WW1 and the Spanish Flu, phrased it beautifully when he said, “The future also used to be better.”
We are haunted by a longing for the predictable; by a fear of the unexpected. Yearning for a return to normality - everyday things, like eating with friends or a weekend at the seaside - which may never return...
The stop leads us back to a vision of what the future should be: shaped by simplicity, transparency and reliability.
Colour is reduced, our ‘off’ leather bronzes quickly to brown, having allowed us to save considerable quantities of water in the tanning process. Accompanied by pale, light leathers-white and Perla-combined with a new development of our biodegradable GoZero sole, made using 30% cork content.
The focus is on the essentials, on our core elements: strong design and integral sustainability. On evolving an intelligent and responsible attitude to materials and resources.
Pure and simple, or vividly graphic. Driven by longing, we present a collection that reaches forwards: Back to the Future

Entdecke die neue Frühjahr / Sommer Kollektion 2021













Art Direction, Set Design, Art Installations: Jakub Kubica

Photos: Jose Cuevas

Styling: Rudolf A. Packevics

Make up: Naomi Gugler

Models: Ananya & Andreas